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Agape Feast


Agape Dinner

By Rebecca Ramirez


On March 22, the Wisconsin Rapids SDA Church held its first agape dinner since the beginning of the pandemic.

Almost twenty people gathered at the church that Friday evening. It was a smaller group than the usual Sabbath morning service, however it proved to be a cozy, upper room experience.

The event started with guests entering a beautifully decorated fellowship hall. At the center, the tables had been arranged in the shape of a cross with candles, flowers, and wheat themed centerpieces. Everyone dined by the light of the candles on foods that first century middle-eastern people would have found familiar: soup, crackers, hummus, dried fruit, nuts, and bread. As the meal drew to a close, the pastor read from the book of Luke, Chapter 22:7-13, and presented the story about the disciples preparing and eating the Passover meal. People also had a chance to share thanks and instances of God’s blessings in their lives.

After the dinner, attendees chose partners and went to one of two side tables to follow Christ’s example in washing each other’s feet. The prayers that followed were deep and heartfelt.

Following the ordinance of humility, everyone gathered in the sanctuary to celebrate the communion service. The pastor and the elders led out in a short presentation, continuing the story in Luke 22, and all who wished to, participated. There was no piano accompaniment, however the quiet sanctuary and the simple hymns lent a special reverence.

Several people commented about the beauty of the service and the closeness and fellowship. “The thing I appreciated most was the sharing time. The opportunity to express thanks and testimonies.” “I’m thankful for a pastor who takes the time to do special things with the congregation.” Another member shared that they enjoyed the relaxed “not rushed” feel of the event and the chance to connect with others.

The ceremony also directed participants' minds to the great supper in heaven where, because of Jesus' ultimate sacrifice, we can look forward to seeing Him face-to-face and being together forever.


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