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Skating Adventure

Skate City Adventure

By Stephanie Kasner


On February 25 at 6pm our first Skate City adventure of 2024 began. I pulled into a dark parking lot in front of the Skate City building and unloaded myself and my son. I paid the admission and the buzzer sounded as a door unlocked, admitting us into a world of energetic music, smiling faces, and exercise. Some people socialized at tables while others stood by the low wall fringing the skate arena and observed the spectacle – the skating. Skaters of all skill-levels glided over the shiny oval-shaped arena radiant with moving lights and colors. Some were using the aid of wheeled walkers while others exhibited fancy steps; some were old, others young; some faces I knew, some I didn’t. I was reminded of the diversity among us that God is able to bind together into a multi-faceted multi-talented church family. The fun was contagious. Freddie Ramirez had been viewing the skaters from the wall. One of her reasons for coming was to watch her grandson try out his new rollerblades but she couldn’t deny there was definitely a temptation to try on a pair herself.

Once ready, I ventured out to join the action. As I begin my counter-clockwise journey I encountered Pastor Drew rounding the curve with swift cross-overs, then Geisicka doing some pumps up and down the quarter-pipe ramps. Jeff was twirling on his quad skates while Belle’s style was sure and spare. I then noticed a girl in dark clothes and a black baseball cap that I didn’t immediately recognize. This was Claire Castleberg from the Marshfield SDA church. I found out she had been faithfully attending these skating events for quite a few years. Each time it is publicized in her church bulletin, she is sure to mark her calendar. Her favorite part of the evening is the limbo challenge where skaters try to coast under an ever-lowering bar. Claire says, “I somehow manage to do most of it even though I’m pretty tall!”.

By now the pizza is out of the ovens and the line is forming already. Other festivities follow including the limbo competition, the dice game, and several races (with and without skates). An inflatable bouncy house is set up for those who would rather jump than coast. Time slips by very quickly as we pass from one fun activity to another and before I know it, its time to leave. A quick check with Jan reveals that there were 42 in attendance tonight. In the days that follow, my son asks over and over when the next skating event will be. I don’t know the answer to that but I do know that when the time comes, we want to be in that number.

Special thanks to the Samsons for continually arranging these fun evenings of skating and fellowship.

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